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Big Pharma executives turn whistle blower

Big Pharma whistle blowing

Big Pharma… Drug manufacturers or drug pushers?

What happens when the average person is caught after committing a crime?
They are charged, tried committed and left in a position where they are severely penalized for their actions.

Not so the pharmaceutical industry, also known as Big Pharma. an industry known for Pharmaceutical corruption!

Apparently, large sums of money can “absolve corporate sins” time after time after time.
It is without doubt that the most profitable industry in the world is the manufacture of “legal” drugs and it is also without doubt that the most sued industry in the world is the manufacture of “legal” drugs!
How can this be?
Fact is, the profits are so insanely high in this industry that paying fines, lawsuits and perhaps more importantly, corrupt officials is considered just a cost of doing business!
It seems that Big Pharma corporate largess is too tempting to resist by federal government agencies. Pharma’s lobbyists spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year contributing to government campaign coffers, which should be outlawed because it is nothing short of bribery—plain and simple. Obviously, a member of government will champion a cause – or is ‘morally’ obligated to do so – for the money Big Pharma’s lobbyists freely hand out.

One instance Pharmaceutical corruption that comes to mind would be the inclusion of the SV-40 cancer-causing virus in the polio vaccine until about the early 1970s. This act of corporate “go with the money”, should have been prosecuted under the category “crimes against humanity.”
How come? Well, when federal and state health agencies mandate that children be given vaccines that are undoubtedly not safe, nor proven to not contain viruses or mycoplasma that cause diseases, then both Big Pharma and government agencies should be prosecuted, however, that never happened despite the overwhelming evidence of what had taken place.
Instead they get a fine here or there for their greedy and fraudulent and deadly behavior and are allowed to continue doing what they have always done and making the big bucks.

Back in September of 2012, Forbes published the article “Big Pharma’s Offshore Fraud Strategy” ( Pharmaceutical corruption at its best) wherein this appears in the very first paragraph:
“not to mention billion dollar liabilities for fraudulent marketing practices in the U.S”.
Erica Kelton, who wrote that Forbes article, said pharmaceutical companies continue to pay “record criminal and civil fines in the U.S. for illegal marketing practices.” There’s a key word in that remark: fines!
Can you perceive the apparent profit cycle here? Big Pharma makes insanely big profits and then government get their share of those profits from “fines”!

If Government where truly concerned with peoples safety they would ban pharmaceutical companies who have been proven to be corrupt and/or negligent from selling any of their products at all!!
But instead they seem much more interested in pursuing (and stopping) the use of natural and alternative options to the use of Big Pharma drugs!
All of which begs the question… Who exactly is working for who???

Here at Swords Crossed, we contend that you are much better of seeing a natural or alternative healer such as this Gold Coast Chiropractor to get a balanced perspective on your particular health issue.

If after having seen someone like Keith Maitland your health issues still persist, then by all means go to a legal drug dealer (doctor) for another opinion on your health.
But at all times research, research, research to discover all you can on the possible side effects of any drugs the doctor has recommended you take!

By all means, if your health problem is immediately life threatening then do and see what ever you feel you need to do and see, but if you have time available, do your research and even take the drugs the doctor has prescribed to a naturopath or herbalist and see if you can find a natural alternative that has been used by people for hundreds (if not thousands) of years!
Trust me…. Ancient wisdom can be much more effective then a drug pushed by greed and corruption!

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The questions are….

1/ Are the big Pharmaceutical companies drug manufactures or drug pushes?

2/ When does the quest for better health for everyone become a quest for bigger profits for a few?

3/ Why does the medical establishment consistently attach the alternative therapy field?

Pharmaceutical corruption..  drug manufactures or drug pushes

Pharmaceutical corruption.. drug manufactures or drug pushes