About Swords Crossed


Swords Crossed is a platform to interact, engage, argue, and discuss topics of international public interest. The platform was originally launched by Joshua TreviƱo (tacitus.org, redstate.com) and Armando (dailykos.com) in 2006. They mainly wanted to introduce a neutral space for the political debates of national (U.S.) interest. Joshua and Armando moved on to other projects lately. Since then, the platform has gotten dormant intermittently; has changed owners; and shifted focus multiple times till now (2022). It was recently relaunched by Shahbaz Ahmed (aka The Jack Bro) mainly as a place to have a healthy debate. We encourage our esteemed visitors to agree to disagree, or simply continue to disagree respectfully.

Relaunch in 2022

Since its relaunch in 2022, the focus of the platform shifted to an international audience, as well as a diverse range of topics. You will find different categories for crossing swords with others having similar interests as yours. We still carry the founding intent i.e. to allow different opinions about (inter)national political issues. We only have shifted our gears from national to international, and from a political broad category. Our logo, as given below, encourages us to cross swords respectfully and encourages healthy debate.

Swords Crossed Logo
The ‘Swords Crossed’ logo.

So, let’s get started and cross swords with others to share our thoughts, opinions and arguments. Fingers crossed to see your discussions.